Welcome and thank you for visiting the website of the Chollipo Arboretum. Chollipo Arboretum is the best scenic arboretum in Korea, located at the tip of Taean peninsular overlooking the beach, sea and islets. Thanks to the temperate climate of the site, Chollipo Arboretum boasts as a home not only to the native plants but also to diverse plants from overseas, and is one of the nation’s pride.

A naturalized Korean Min Pyong-gal (Carl Ferris Miller) from United States purchased two hectares of land in 1962, and that was the beginning of Chollipo Arboretum. From the early 70’s, he devoted half of his life to cultivate the arboretum on a barren land. Chollipo Arboretum was honorably selected as “Arboretum Distinguished for Merit” by International Dendrology Society (IDS) in 2000, which was the first to be so recognized in Asia. The Chollipo Arboretum is also internationally renowned for intensive collection of magnolia, holly, camellia, maple, and rose of sharon along with 16,347 plant taxa as of the end of 2017. With such collection, the Chollipo Arboretum is one of the focal points for The Forest Plant Resources Management Facility, The Consortium of Korea Biodiversity and Sustainable Use, Professional arborist Training Course, and Forest Interpreter’s Training Course, etc. The Chollipo Arboretum is dedicated to conserve plant diversity, and to train people in the field of garden management.

The staffs of the Chollipo Arboretum will do their best to conserve and improve this precious arboretum late Dr Min Pyong-gal, the founder of the Chollipo Arboretum, presented to the public. We will follow the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation along with our mission and long term development plan to be the leader in the field. Please enjoy the arboretum, and thank you for your interest and support.


  • Awarded the Grand Prize in the Geumgang Environment Prize


  • Garden Tourism of the Year Award from International Garden Tourism Network Korean branch, Designated Science Museum for Natural History


  • Forestry Ecological Education Center (Glass Greenhouse) opened
  • Forestry Education and Promotion Center opened
  • Designated as a biodiversity management organization (by Ministry of Environment)
  • awarded the 22nd Chosun Ilbo Environmental Award


  • Designated Forest Bio-Resource Management Agency
  • Designated Forest Expert Training Training Institution
  • Designated Forest Education Center


  • Selected as The Guinness’ 28 tourist attractions of Korea
  • The 99 Korean Tourist Destination, the Min Pyong-gal Memorial Opening,
  • Established The Min Pyong-gal Symposium and the Memorial Activity Foundation
  • Late Min Pyong-gal Bust unveiling ceremony


  • The creation of founder's bust


  • Selected as R-20 Tourist Attraction by Korea Rural Corporation


  • Certified ‘Professional Arborist Training Course’
  • Miller Garden opened to Public


  • Ecology Education Center built


  • Designated as "Habitat and Preservation Agency" by Ministry of Environment


  • Min Pyong-gal founder was awarded "Gold Tower Industrial Order"
  • Min Pyong-gal deceased


  • Started the Arboretum Experts Training Program


  • Selected as “Arboretum distinguished for Merit” by International Dendrology Society (IDS)


  • Host of International Dendrology Society General Assembly
  • Host of Holly Society of America General Assembly
  • Chollipo Arboretum Supporters’ Association established


  • Host of International Magnolia Society General Assembly


  • Became a public-service corporation


  • Became a non-profit foundation


  • Construction of the arboretum started


  • 1 hectare of land on the seaside of Chollipo purchased


  • Born in West Pittston, Pennsylvania, USA


  • Came to Korea as the U.S. intelligence officer of the 24th corps


  • The site of Chollipo Arboretum purchased


  • Construction of the Chollipo Arboretum started


  • Receive a plaque of Appreciation


  • Naturalized as a Korean citizen with a Korean name Min Pyong-gal


  • Ilex x wandoensis C.F. Miller registered to the International Society


  • Medal from Royal Horticultural Society (RHS)


  • Achievement Award from International Magnolia Society (MS)


  • The Ministry of Environment Prize


  • Korea-US Friendship Association Prize


  • Achievement Award from International Dendrology Society (IDS)


  • Achievement Award from Holly Society of America (HSA)


  • Gold Tower Order of Merit (awarded by the president)


  • Deceased at the age of 81


  • Tribute portrait at the ‘Forestry Hall of Fame’

Chollipo Arboretum as a legacy of Min Pyong-gal, seeks to collect and preserve plants from Korea and around the world
to create a beautiful garden, and by continuing the effort to research plants and educate the public, the arboretum aims to teach the
value of loving the nature, in addition to providing creative inspiration and happiness.

  • We lead the promotion and expansion of gardening culture in Korea, and improve the image of the arboretum as the
    central place for Korean gardening culture.
  • We aim to be the most beautiful arboretum in the world through the exhibition techniques that preserve the unique natural beauty of Korea, and we collect various plant species from home and abroad to expand gardening culture,
    secure species diversity, and expand special genera.
  • We aim to develop and promote advanced cultivation technology to expand gardening culture, and improve the research
    ability of professionals working at the arboretum.
  • We diversify the programs at Min Pyong-gal Garden School, and promote the legacy values of the founder far and beyond.
  • We aim to be self-sufficient through efficient and systematic management, and strengthen exchanges with domestic
    and foreign institutions.